Have a Sex Question? Call Dr. Julie.

Have a Sex Question?  Call Dr. Julie.

Dr. Julie Jenkins here, I’m a renowned sexologist, specializing in all aspects of sexual behavior for men, women and couples of any genders. I can help you work through your problems or fear of inadequacy, or perhaps boast your confidence in and out of the bedroom. Maybe you need someone to listen to your dilemmas and seek advice or guidance in pursuing your preferred sexual partner. I can take you on a wild fantasy ride or instruct you through guided masturbation. You will need a few items so be sure to email me if you have any questions or concerns. I am much cheaper then a licensed therapist and I will give you hands on training, or complete instructions for what ever fetish you like to delve into. I’m open minded and very easy to talk to. I do lots of different role plays and as a Sexy, mature classy lady, I can guarantee you will enjoy your phone sex session with me.


Click here to talk to Dr. Julie Renowned Sexologist on Avenue 72

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