Your Sex Addict Raina

Your Sex Addict Raina

My name is Raina and I’m in my 30’s, I’ve always been a sex addict ever since I saw my first porn. I remember my father had a box of them under the couch and I found them one day by accident. It was like discovering a treasure and I watched almost every one of them over the next few days, abusing my pussy for hours on end. Right after high school I became a stripper. I loved grinding my hips against that pole and shedding my clothes for my audience every night. I adored giving lap dances and feeling how aroused my clients were with their hard cocks pushing up against me. The very best part of the job was the back room sessions where nothing was off limits. I had to stop stripping when I became pregnant by one of my clients and started to show. I fucked so many guys in that secret back room that I don’t even know which one is the father of my daughter and, as dirty as that might sound, I get pretty turned on by that. I knew I had to find another way to satisfy my sex addiction and going back to stripping wasn’t an option so I decided to become a phone sex operator, getting guys off on the phone night after night gets me a new form of sexual gratification and I love every moment of it. I look forward to you calling me so we can share some naughty conversation and get off together.

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