Deviant Sex Kitten Maggie

Deviant Sex Kitten Maggie

I’m Maggie and welcome to my world of pleasure. I’m a deviant kitten with many naughty sides and an insatiable sex drive but, believe it or not, I wasn’t always this way. I was once such a good girl who had been raised in a very strict religious home where sex was something that was meant for only marriage. I started experimenting by doing small sexual favors for my older brothers friends when I was only a teenager and, although I didn’t really know what I was doing, I still knew it was wrong and that got me wet and excited. I was being the bad girl my parents always tried to keep me from becoming and I was absolutely loving it. After losing my virginity to a college boy before I was even 18 there was no going back, I was a addicted to cumming and all I wanted was more of it. Come release yourself with me, let’s have a good time together, enjoying our dirty, nasty fantasies the way nature intended for us to do. I promise you I’ll make it worth your while and you won’t regret it. I will stroke your mind with my silken voice and imagery, using whatever it takes to satisfy your delicious arousal and bring you to that climax you crave and deserve. No limits. No taboos too wicked. No fantasy too perverse. I can be a good girl.. or the most wicked little vixen slut you could come across. Anything goes with me. So cum play and lets bring those fantasies to life within each other.


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