Cold and Caught in the Snowstorm?

Cold and Caught in the Snowstorm?

Are you caught in the snowstorm with nothing to do and no where to go?  Maybe you are feeling a little lonely sitting in front of the fire place of yours and would love to talk to a hot and sexy babe just waiting to show you a good time.  Look no further, Avenue72 has you covered!  We are giving $10 in free phone sex for new callers.  How do you sign up?  Just follow these simple instructions:  you will first need to become a member of our site at Avenue72 to place your free call.  Click the button below to become a member.  You will sign up confidentially with your personal information.  You will type in the following promo code AFF08 in the space indicated to claim your free phone sex.  It is as simple as that!  So take some time out to get warmed up and give one of our hot operators a call.  She will make you nice and toasty!

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